November 28, 2022
How To Check Your Airtel Number Using A USSD Code

How To Check Your Airtel Number Using A USSD Code

How To Check Your Airtel Number Using A USSD Code

simple steps to check your Airtel number with USSD Code in Nigeria

Airtel is a telecommunications service company with most top brands in Nigeria and they have a large customer base that uses their Network today we will guide you on the most proficient method to the way Airtel subscribers can use code to check their lines in Nigeria.

As simple as it would look there are still individuals who don’t know their number hence search online to look for how they can check their line using codes and if you are one of them continue reading and scrolling down for more.

USSD code number checker is a way to go

Today I will guide you through how to check your airtel number with a short Airtel USSD code.

Many times people don’t remember their phone numbers and this mostly happens when you get a new sim card, get occupied with work at the office or switch to another network service provider and change a sim. Another major issue is the quality of the network this makes it difficult to use a particular sim card.

In a third world country like here in Nigeria, it is very difficult to find persons that use just a single sim card.

This is because of the nature of unstable electricity in the country or the services that different network providers offer to the citizens.

Simple Method to Share Data On Airtel network in Nigeria

Easy Step How to check the Airtel number

Simply dial *121# and select 1 and send from the display account option. Select 1 again and send for my number option.

Your phone number will be displayed on your screen in front of you.

But the easiest method is by recharging your Airtel sim card and using it to call a friend or family member close to you then the number will appear on their phone then from there you can copy your number and know it.

This is a very easy and simple method at your fingers tip without much stress

Another way is by calling customer care.

Simply dial 111 or 121 to make sure that you speak to the customer care representative. After the call is connected tell them that you forgot the phone number and that you will like a customer care representative to call the number for you and they will tell you.

Make sure you are with biro and paper to write your phone number down.

The other simple method is to send a call me back text message using a simple USSD code. For example Dial *141*8*Recipient’s Phone Number#.

I believe this article help you in your search as you looking online to get a simple method to get your Airtel phone number.  Please feel free to search more on this site as well provide great information to meet your daily needs. USSD code number checker is a way to go so keep using it without any interruption.

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