November 28, 2022
Simple Method to Share Data On Airtel network in Nigeria

Simple Method to Share Data On Airtel network in Nigeria

Simple Method to Share Data On Airtel network in Nigeria

Easily Method to Share Data on Airtel & Transfer MB

Dial *141# on your Airtel phone but don’t just stop here scroll down and get the complete details

Airtel is a telecommunications service company with top brands in Nigeria and they have a large customer base that utilises their organization today we will guide you on the most proficient method to share Data on the Airtel network in Nigeria.

As simple as it would look there are still individuals who come online to look for how they can Share Data with their loved ones.

Airtel Nigeria has added a feature to make their services more flexible to their teaming customers. There are customers who don’t use 10 per cents of their data hence the only way to exhaust it is to share it with their family and friends.

Airtel has made a way of sharing your data with your love once, you can also transfer data and you can buy data for your loved ones.

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Note that before the introduction of this new method, they are is a method we used which is a little bit difficult to share data with your loved ones.

Before now Airtel allows you to share only a certain amount of data which can be useless when your data is about to expire and you want to share it with colleagues. But the good news is that Airtel has upgraded the service so now you can transfer.

In the event that you are here to figure out how you can transfer data, you are at the perfect place. I will be sharing with you a few speedy advances that will assist with making you transfer data rapidly. With no postponements, how about we get straight into it.

How to Share Data on Airtel Nigeria Network – Easy Steps

These are the steps to follow in sharing data for someone or buying data with the Airtel user. Here are the steps to share data on Airtel Network:

  1. Dial *141# on your Airtel phone
  2. Choose 8 as your response
  3. Select option 2 for data gifting or 4 for Me2U (Transfer Data), depending on what you want to do.
  4. For option 3 select the option to send Me2U from the existing allowance. Enter the recipient’s number and type the amount of MB you want to share with the person e.g. 500 and press send to complete the transfer.
  5. For option 2 select the data plan you wish to gift the person and enter the person’s phone number. Make sure you have enough airtime that will complete the data gifting.

Data Gifting

Using this step you can purchase data for your loved ones utilizing any of the current airtel data plans. The Money will be charged from your airtel account while the individual you Transfer the data to will get it for free.

Me 2 U

This permits you to share data from your all-around previous data bundle on your Airtel line. This way you can transfer data from your balance to one more customer or love once on the Airtel Nigeria network. After the exchange, the amount of transferred will stay in the wallet of the recipient. Data can only be transfer to one person at a time.

You can dial *141*6*2# for Airtel data giving or *141*3# for sharing data on Airtel Network. This strategy is a lot quicker.

How To Generate Code For Airtel Data Sharing

In other for you to be save from unauthorized person transferring data on your SIM. Airtel has made it possible to have a sharing code for your SIM and you can generate a new one by dialing *141*8*1#.

You can change the default code 1234 to your preferred code and the code should not be share with anyone because it meant you only. When you go to the data sharing page then you can change the default code to a new code as well.


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