November 28, 2022
How To Reset Any iPhone With Two Easy Step

Two Easy Methods To Reset Any iPhone

Two Easy Method To Reset Any iPhone

Two Easy Steps to resist Any iPhone

  • Directly from the phone itself
  • Mac OS or Pc To Reset Your iPhone

Have you been finding it difficult to erase folders and content on your iPhone and do the factory setting?

Then you are in a right place, kisstech contents give the full details on how to reset any iPhone either by direct method or using the iTunes software.

Restoring your iPhone to factory settings is easier than you think, and you are required to have an iCloud backup or a backup saved on your computer. Read how to back up your iPhone or Apple device easily.

A factory reset will wipe or format all of the data on your iPhone so you require a backup if you must save your content, and settings or transfer them to a new device. You will need to have your Apple ID and password if you want to restore to factory settings from your iPhone.

Easy Steps on How to Reset your iPhone

How To Reset Your iPhone Directly from the phone itself

Here are simple steps to reset your iPhone directly:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap General then scroll down
  • Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Next, tap Erase All Content and Settings
  • Tap continue

Enter your Passcode. If you have Screen Time enabled passcode you will also be requested to enter your Screen Time Passcode and wait for your backup to finish

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Next, enter your Apple ID Password

Tap Turn Off in the top right corner of your screen

Tap Erase iPhone

Next, wait for your iPhone to format

Note that the process of erasing the device may take a moment or two for the process to complete).

When you see the Hello screen that means you have successfully reset your iPhone.

Ways to use Using Mac OS or Pc To Reset Your iPhone

You can use either Mac or PC to reset you’re the phone to factory settings:

If you want to use Mac OS Catalina or later, you’ll use the finder in Mac OS Mojave or earlier.

If you want to use Windows PC you’ll use iTunes instead.

How To Turn Off Find My Phone

You will need to turn off find my on your iPhone “you will not be able to restore it until you do this”.

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap your name.
  • Tap Find My.

Tap Find My iPhone and turn it off (when prompted enter your Apple ID Password then tap turn off in the top right corner of your screen to Confirm.

Reset the iPhone Using Mac OS Laptop or Windows Pc

Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Open the finder or iTunes.

Select your device from the sidebar to sync your computer with your iPhone.

Click Trust.

Now, tap Trust on your iPhone to continue. Enter your passcode.

Click Restore iPhone (You’ll erase all content and settings from your iPhone so make sure you have an iCloud backup or a backup on your computer that way you can retrieve your data later).

Click backup (if you need to make a backup) or Click doesn’t back up to continue without making a backup.

Click Restore to confirm (wait for your computer to install the latest version of iOS on your iPhone).

Your device will restart and after a moment or two, you’ll see the Hello screen.

when you see the Apple hello screen that means you have achieved your aim of erasing your iPhone.


With these two easy steps, you can reset your iPhone without stressing or spending any money to do it. kistech will be giving you more on how to learn

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